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We help you communnicate the value of your project so you get the buy-in and adoption you need to success.

why choose Valerie?

We've evolved innovation from an art to a predictable science.

Our unique implementation methodology provides you with an implementation plan which is designed to meet the specific requirements of your organization. Our Implementation Methodology is a scalable and extremely flexible plan which can be applied to complex and simple implementations of any size.

Valerie Implementation Methodology gives you control over deployment to reduce risks and ensure reliable results. Best practices anticipate your business needs, reduce costs, and decrease your reliance on external consultants.



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Change Management

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Defined Roles and Responsibilities.

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Valerie Information Technology

Ideas and breakthroughs fueled by 5+ years of total experience.

a leading company specialized in CRM, ERP Implementation and Integrated Solutions. Valerie is Sage business partner, and provides Support, Outsourcing services for Sage clients and many other packaged and affordable IT services.

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Support Services

Valerie provides consultation and both technical and functional support, we have what it takes to help you running your business smoothly.

Annual Health Check

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Year-end Preparation.

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Software Upgrading

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